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Nicaragua signs Paris climate accord



Nicaragua, a country that previously criticized its effectiveness for not going far enough, has signed on to the international Paris climate agreement.

This leaves the United States and Syria as the only recognized countries not a part of the deal which tackles curbing the motivators of climate change through regulation.

The country held out on the deal, but not the reasons of Syria and the United States.

Syria is embroiled in a civil war that has killed some 300,000 and battling on the front lines of the Daesh (IS) insurgency so its participation in the accord has been a low priority for Damascus currently.

As for the US, Donald Trump took the country out of the climate deal because he claimed it interfered with domestic policy and that Washington could do it better. He also said it impoverish the US to the benefit of other countries.

Nicaragua, however, believed the agreement did not go far enough in attacking fossil fuel production. The country currently gets over half of its energy from renewable resources and plans to bump it up to 90% by 2020.

In 2013, the World Bank called the Central American country “a renewable energy paradise” with potential for geothermic, wind, solar and wave energy sources.

The Paris agreement specifies a goal to restrict temperature increase by the year 2100 to a maximum of two degrees celsuis more then before the industrial era, with a best-case-scenario objective of 1.5 degrees.

More details to follow.  ■

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Brazilian presidential frontrunner stabbed at rally

Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing frontrunner in Brazil’s presidential elections, survived a stabbing attack on Friday at a rally held in Juiz de Fora.




Jacob Argintaru | Report

Jair Bolsonaro, the right-wing frontrunner in Brazil’s presidential elections, survived a stabbing attack on Friday at a rally held in Juiz de Fora.

A surgeon said the presidential frontrunner suffered life-threatening injuries to his upper and lower intestines. However, Bolsonaro is currently in stable condition and will be in hospital for at least the next seven days.

Police charged Adelio Bispo de Oliveira, 40, for the attack.

According to police, Oliveira claims he was on “a mission of God.” Police found that Oliveira  is a radical socialist, whose Facebook page is filled with posts opposing Bolsonaro and his party.

The 63-year-old was a long-serving member of congress prior the running for president.

He is generally described as a “populist” by mainstream news media, and is even referred to as “Brazil’s Trump” for his similarities to the United State’s president.

Bolsonaro’s party is currently leading the polls with 22% of support, his closest competition only polling at 12%.

Brazil’s presidential elections will begin on October 7th, 2018.

More details to follow | Image of Jair Bolsonaro moments before being attacked, from SkyNews.




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Pence: Thanks Canada for support, NAFTA deal is close



Vice President Mike Pence of the United States thanked Canada for its support of the allied strikes against Syrian government chemical weapons-related targets and said a North American Free Trade Agreement deal was close. 

The comments came as the vice president held talks with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of the Summit of the Americas, where Mr. Trudeau reiterated Canadian support of its traditional allies and their Syrian offensive.

The Canadian prime minister said the strikes were “unfortunate but necessary” as part of the effort to stop the Syrian government from utilizing chemical weapons on its civilians, which Damascus denies.

Canada gave a formal statement of support for the allied effort on Friday when the strikes were carried out.

Both leaders said that they were dedicated to a quick and successful NAFTA deal, with Mr. Pence saying the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump was encouraged by progress that had taken place thus far.

Reports indicated that there might have been a final agreement signed at the summit in Peru but nothing was signed in South America, however, negotiators from the U.S., Canada and Mexico are currently working on a deal in Washington.

Mr. Trump was also set to appear in person in Peru, but cancelled his trip due to the allied strikes on Syria early on Saturday local time where the U.S., United Kingdom and France fired 105 weapons on government positions.

The pair also discussed Venezuela and Pence expressed condolences for those affected by the Humboldt bus crash back in Canada’s Saskatchewan.

More details to follow. Image of Justin Trudeau and Mike Pence from Sean Kilpatrick/The Canadian Press.  ■

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Pope apologizes for disbelieving Chile sex abuse victims



Eli Ridder | The Avro Post

Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, apologized on Wednesday for comments he made earlier this year when he accused victims of alleged child sex abuse of committing slander against a bishop who covered for a priest.

In a letter to the South American country’s bishops, Francis said he felt “sadness and shame” over the “serious mistakes” he made in January defending Juan Barros by saying “there is not a single piece of proof against him. Everything is slander.”

The Pontiff has invited some of the victims of the abuse suffered under priest, Fernando Karadima, who molested young boys in Santiago since the 1980s while Bishop Barros was present.

Father Karadima will never face prosecution due to the length of time, but the judge who heard victim testimonies described them as “truthful and reliable”, and victims told news media that the Pope’s demand they provide evidence “offensive”.

At the end of the Pope’s Latin America tour, he apologized for his harsh words but maintained that Barros was innocent, however, in Wednesday’s letter he said he “made serious mistakes in assessing and perceiving the situation”.

More details to follow. Image of Pope Francis in Chile from Crux Now.  ■

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