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Catalonia declares independence



Catalonia’s ruling pro-independence party on Friday passed a resolution in the regional parliament to formally declare independence.

The region’s opposition boycotted the vote that passed 70 to 10.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called for calm, saying the rule of law will be restored in Catalonia.

A planned Senate meeting passed Article 155 soon after the Catalan declaration stripping Catalonia of parts of its autonomy and giving Mr Rajoy the power to oust the current regional government.

Rajoy told the senators that direct rule was essential to “law, democracy and stability.”

Later on Friday, Rajoy called regional elections for Catalonia, dissolving the current parliament and firing Catalan President Carles Puigdemont.

A declaration was written by separatists and signed by leaders including Mr Puigdemont on Oct 10 following an independence referendum on the first of the month.

The document was put on hold to open dialogue with Spain’s central government, who rejected talks.

After a deadline passed last week, Spain’s Cabinet moved on Saturday with Article 155 plans.

More details to follow. Image 1 from previous posts.

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1 Comment

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