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In a rare humanitarian display by the North Korean government, it will be returning a captured South Korean fishing-boat that allegedly crossed into North Korean waters illegally to fish.

The South Korean vessel, named 391 Hungjin, and its crew of 10 were captured early Saturday morning on October the 21st after having allegedly crossed the North Korean Maritime border for fishing.

The government of North Korea has stated that the boat will be released “at the military boundary in the East Sea”.

According to a statement released by North Korea, they investigated into the matter and found that the boat had indeed crossed into the nation’s waters. The crew of the fishing boat also allegedly asked for leniency repeatedly as well as admitted their mistake.

A spokesman on behalf of the South Korean government stated that it was a relief that the crew of the Hungjin would be returned as well.

This action from the north is such an anomaly due to the large number of nuclear tests done by North Korea which has caused tensions within the Korean peninsula to flare.

The release of the Hungjin also comes during United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ visit to South Korea for defense talks regarding the aforementioned increasing tensions with the north.

During the visit to South Korea, Mattis stated that his tour of the Asian continent was to keep a possible resolution for the Korean crisis in a “diplomatic lane”.

More details to follow. Image 1 from livemint.



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