As a kid you were told that high school would be the best four years of your life.

Where you have the popular girls in your grade that run the show and think they are all high and mighty. The group of guys that are always together in the hall and yelling to other guys down the hall. Those kids who try too hard in class and those who don’t try at all. Getting laughed at for the clothes you wore. Forgetting your locker combination. The list goes on.

Was high school the best four years of your life?

If you answered yes, then you had a great experience in high school. If you answered no, then you either didn’t have a good experience or you learned that college and university blows high school out of the water.

High schools try their best to prepare you for post-secondary life but it’s not all true. If you are in College or University then you might agree with some of these but if you are in still in high school then sit back and relax.

The guide

To start off, high school teachers will try and convince you that professors don’t care about you or your grades because there is work to be done. WRONG. Your professors want to see you succeed and if you need their help with that, they will help you. Don’t be afraid to go to the professor and get extra help or simply ask a question.

Remember when it was a big deal when you were late to your class in high school? Yeah, it’s not as big of a deal in college and university. Let’s be real, you shouldn’t be late but if you are then you are. Sometimes the professors are late as well. It happens.

High schools strive on getting you into the school/programs that you want to get into, whether it be college or university. Some high schools will tell you that college is easier than university. That statement is false. Both strains of post-secondary education are equally as hard and equally as stressful. It all depends what the program offers to you and how you prefer to learn.

Lastly, high school teachers will tell you that you have to take note upon note upon note during the class because you can’t get the information when class is done. That is just evil. Most professors, not all, but most, put their powerpoint presentation up after class for you so that you can take more notes to study off of.

To conclude

That is our short but sweet guide from high school to college or university. There is probably a ton more that could be mentioned but these are just the most common ones. If you are enjoying high school, enjoy it but just wait until college or university. If you are in college or university then you know what’s up. Study hard but also don’t forget to have some fun!

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