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Military coup in Zimbabwe’s capital



Military vehicles and soldiers appear to be staging a takeover in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, during an increasing political crisis. 

Mugabe allies criticize army chief

Armed forces have taken over the central headquarters of the national broadcaster, ZBC, and have issued a statement saying “we have taken over the seat of power, and Mugabe’s tyranny is no more.”

Soldiers said that they will bring justice to those who are responsible for “social and economic suffering in the country” and that there is an operation to target “criminals around President Mugabe.”

The military made clear, however, that Mr Mugabe and his family are safe.

Soldiers and armored vehicles have blocked access to government offices, courts and parliament in the capital centre.

Military officers denied that it was a coup.

The United States Embassy has advised US citizens in the country to shelter-in-place, asking employees to work from their homes due to “ongoing political uncertainty through the night.”

The British Embassy issued a similar statement requesting nationals to stay indoors.

At least three explosions were heard in the capital earlier.

Reports surfaced earlier on Tuesday of military vehicles entering the city.

Political tensions

Zimbabwe’s ruling political party, the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front, recently accused the head of the army of “treasonable conduct”.

General Constantino Chiwenga had issued a challenge to President Robert Mugabe following the firing of the vice president.

The ZANU-PF has been the top party since independence in 1980.

More details to follow.

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