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The Panel: Students criticize GH over strike



University of Guelph-Humber students voiced concerns over the way administration and student leadership have approached the Ontario college faculty strike during a panel hosted by the Post on Wednesday.

Main issues brought up by the five student panelists include sporadic and faulty communication by admin and faculty, the apparent lack of a thorough contingency plan, short-term midterm scheduling and the actions of IGNITE, among other items.

GH is the only university affected by the strike that launched on Oct 16 when the College Employer Council and the Ontario Public Sector Employees Union couldn’t secure a deal before the deadline.

The university shut down campus classes when the strike started, saying they couldn’t offer GH programs in full as there are both University of Guelph and Humber College faculty.

Those on the panel included Jesse Ryan, Madison Furness, Katrina Di Raddo, and Kaela Johnson.

A full analysis article will releasing, but for now the panelists can be watched via Facebook live.

Watch The Panel via Facebook

More details to follow. 


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