Throughout your whole life you make friends.

From kindergarten, to high school, to college. But sometimes those friends don’t last forever, which is just a fact of life.

Best friends on the other hand, are the friends that are here to stay. Best friends are those who are with you through thick and thin. Best friends see you on your worst days and on your best days. You’re best friend should feel like you’re soul mate. There’s non-romantic soul mates out there for everyone.

You might be asking yourself “do i have a best friend?” These 10 things are for sure signs that you have found your best friend. They might be from grade school or a friend you just met or maybe even someone you haven’t met yet.

#1: They are the first person you call

You’re best friend should be the very first person you call or text about something good or bad happening because you know that they will be just as excited or upset about the news as you. It feels good knowing you have someone that will be able to share the same reaction with you.

#2: Already Family

You’re best friend is someone who is always at family functions. They get along with your parents. You’re grandparents and aunts and uncles know them. They are basically you’re sibling.

#3: No holding back

You are comfortable to cry in front of your best friend because you know that if they aren’t already crying with you, then they won’t tell you to stop. They are your shoulder to cry on.

#4: You can travel together

You can’t just travel with anyone, being in an unfamiliar place for a long period of time. You’re best friend is the one you can jam out in a car with and not get judged for how bad you’re singing is because you’re both equally as bad.

#5: They support you

You feel the support. You both support each other’s decisions. You’re best friend helps boost you up, not bring you down, even if it means doing some drastic changes.

#6: You make it work

Let’s be honest, life happens to get in the way a lot, but it doesn’t matter. There is effort from both of you to walk that extra mile just to see each other. Whether that be a text or a phone call, if someone is truly worth it, you make it work.

#7: No need to pretend

Your best friend should be the one that knows the real you. You shouldn’t have to pretend with your best friend to impress them or anything. They already love everything about you.

#8: %100 trust

You should be able to trust them with your life and secrets. Period.

#9: You will always have fun

Let’s be honest, there is never a dull moment with your best friend. You both can make a situation fun no matter what it is.

#10: Honesty is key

You both are able to be 100 per cent honest with each other. No matter what the circumstances. They don’t go behind your back and talk badly about you because of something, they will straight up say it to your face. That’s what a best friend is supposed to do. 

Have you found your best friend?

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