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Zimbabwe celebrates Mugabe’s fall



Zimbabweans celebrated in the streets of the capital Harare on Saturday in anticipation of ousting their leader President Robert Mugabe from the seat of power after 37 years of rule. 

Mugabe, 93, has been held in house arrest since the military took over the state broadcaster and key government offices on Nov 14.

Zimbabwe has had independence from Britain since 1980, when Mugabe was a key leader in the independence movement and was once considered for a Nobel Peace prize.

Reports from local media say that citizens are largely pleased with the military “constitutional transfer of power” that sent Mugabe from president to house arrest, while arresting “criminals” in his government.

Some Africans, however, support Mugabe as a nationalist hero in the effort to throw off colonial power.

Reuters news agency reported that Mugabe will be replaced with a interim unity government.

More details to follow. Image 1 of celebrations in Harare from The Sydney Morning Herald. 


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