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Jerusalem Crisis

Israel retaliates against Hamas attacks



Israel said on Friday that it struck several Hamas military sites located inside the Gaza Strip in retaliation for militant rocket strikes earlier in the day. 

History of negotiations 

Latest on Jerusalem Crisis

Three rockets were launched from Gaza into Israel, and one targeted the southern city of Sderot, damaging parked cars and sending two individuals into shock.

“The projectile hit the city of Sderot, where approx 25,000 Israeli civilians live,” an Israel Defense Forces statement said.

There has been no reports of confirmed casualties from the Hamas attack on Sderot, however, at least 25 individuals were injured in the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Israel Defense Forces said they struck a manufacturing site and ammunition store house in retaliation early on Saturday.

The Sderot strike came shortly after the IDF retaliation. The two other Hamas rockets claimed no casualties, according to local reports.

Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as the Arab world at large have increased over the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital in a move that reversed the standard of neutrality not only for the U.S., but the global community.

Israel has always considered Jerusalem its capital since it was founded in 1948, and the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as a capital for their future state.

East Jerusalem has been under Israeli occupation since the Six Day War in 1967 when Egypt, Jordan and Syria went to war with Israel.

U.S. calls U.N. bias

During an emergency United Nations Security Council meeting Friday, the U.S. made clear that while Washington “recognizes the obvious” regarding Jerusalem, they remain “committed to achieving a lasting peace agreement.”

U.N. ambassador from the U.S. Nikki Haley went on to accuse the international organization of blatant bias against Israel, explaining that it’s “outrageously been one of the world’s foremost centres of hostility towards Israel.”

“Israel will never be, and never should be, bullied into an agreement by the United Nations or by any collection of countries that have proven their disregard for Israel’s security.”

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Day of rage

Palestinian leadership called for three “days of rage” following U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement.

In the first two days since Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem on Dec. 6, protests have been held across Middle East and in Palestinian territories.

Several hundred Palestinians have been injured and two have reportedly been killed in clashes with Israeli security forces, according to Palestinian officials.

Clashes have occurred in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip: all territories the Palestinian Authority considers sovereign land.

Demonstrations have launched with crowd sizes in the thousands in Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Tunisia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indian Kashmir and in the largest Muslim-majority nation, Indonesia.

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More details to follow. Image 1 of Israeli jet from the Activist Post. 


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