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Jerusalem Crisis

Third day of rallies over U.S. declaration



Rallies against the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has continued for the third full day across Palestinian territories and internationally on Saturday. 

Palestinian leaders were scheduled to met in Ramallah to formulate their response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s Dec. 6 declaration in the backdrop of the protests which saw dozens of injuries.

Reports from local media outline peaceful protests being broken up by Israeli police, some riding on horseback. The use of tear gas, and reported stun grenades, continued.

Rally sizes in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip were smaller than the Friday crowds, reported BBC News.

The Israel Defense Forces reported that some 600 ethnic Palestinians held protests at over 20 sites in the West Bank, where protesters struck Israelis with stones and makeshift gas bombs.

Protestors were present at the Gaza border where a day earlier two Palestinians lost their lives to the actions of Israeli security forces.

Three Israeli Jews were “lightly injured” while travelling on a bus through a largely Arab community in northern Israel, according to local media. The windshield was destroyed at the driver injured.

It was early evening on Saturday when a bus travelling to Tel Aviv was pelted with rocks driving through the Arab-majority valley of Wadi Ara resulting in an adult and two youth being charged.

Some 200 protesters had engulfed the Arara Junction, throwing stones at passing vehicles including a photojournalist on a motorcycle.

In East Jerusalem, Israeli security forces detained 13 Palestinians and injured 12 breaking up a crowd of 100 peaceful protesters on the market street of Salah Eddin, reported Al Jazeera.

More details to follow. Image 1 of pro-Palestinian protests from World Pro News. 








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