One of the best holiday attractions in the city is located only six blocks away from St. James campus and even closer to The George residence: The Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery District.

(CUP) Toronto | Lidianny Botto, The Dialog

The market runs until Dec. 23, Tuesday through Sunday, and entrance is free during the week. This year’s multiple interactive installations were fixed to give visitors an eye catching show of lights for the already picturesque Distillery District.

The place is full of options, and to help you, we made a to-do-list on how to spend your time there:

1. Check out one of the city’s largest real Christmas trees
The tree was donated by Forests Ontario and Ontario Wood and is located close to the old Distillery District clock.

2. Take a gastronomic tour
Dozens of vendors and beer gardens are scattered around the site. Save space to enjoy a delicious Fondue under the lights.

3. Become a child again
Get a good view of the city from the Ferris wheel. If you don’t like heights, try the carousel.

4. Buy seasonal souvenirs
If you are looking for seasonal gifts, this is the right place. It’s possible to buy some souvenirs for as little as $10.

5. Take the perfect Christmas photo
The place has public spaces decorated to give a perfect angle for a photo. You can take your pick of photos by pink, white and green Christmas trees; giant snowmen; epic light tunnels, and more.

Syndicated via CUP Wire from The Dialog. Image 1 from The Dialog. 

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