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Attempted terror attack in New York



A man is in police custody following an attempted terror attack early on Monday at a central transit hub in the United States city of New York that resulted in four injuries and mass evacuations.

Suspect Akayed Ullah intentionally detonated a “low tech explosive device” that was strapped to his torso while walking in a small passageway within the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

The suspect caused burn injuries to himself and “non-life threatening” injuries to three others, according to Police Commissioner James O’Neill.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the would-be terrorist is believed to be working alone.

Emergency services responded to reports of an explosion at the bus hub at around 7:30 a.m., with Gov. Andrew Cuomo saying in a news conference hours later that the blast occurred just before then, sending hundreds panicking.

Authorities had evacuated several subway lines and the Port Authority, but the transit lines and offices were reopened within three hours of the blast.

Police Commissioner James O’Neill declined to confirm whether the suspect uttered allegiance to the radical Daesh (IS) militant group, but AP news agency reported that Ullah was inspired by so-called Islamic State citing law enforcement officials.


Ullah, 27, was pictured online lying on the ground with his clothes ripped and marks on his torso. He was taken to Manhattan’s Bellevue Hospital and is expected to survive his injuries.

The suspect came to the United States from Chittagong in Bangledesh, entering the country with his immediate family seven years ago, according to U.S. media.

He was able to enter using a F43 visa, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said, a form available to those that are children of an F41 visa available to those that are a “brother or sister of a U.S. citizen at least 21 years old”.

Sanders said that President Donald Trump’s planned immigration policy targeting “chain migration” would have stopped Ullah from entering the U.S. from abroad.

More details to follow. Image 1 of the scene earlier on Monday from Fortune. 


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