Washington’s actions in Syria have not been authorized by the UN or by the government, with various countries calling the US presence in Syria “Illegal” and “aggressive.”

President Donald Trump wrote in an open letter to US congress on Monday that since US armed forces participated in the anti-Daesh campaign in Syria that, “a number of strikes have taken place against the Syrian government and pro-Assad forces.”

“These strikes were lawful measures to counter immediate threats to the United states and partner forces in that campaign,” Trump wrote.

According to the latest figures, at least 801 civilians have been unintentionally killed by US strikes in Syria and Iraq. Assad’s government has repeatedly openly criticized Trumps administration over these Civilian casualties .

“Immediate action is needed to protect the Syrian people, but it should be “rooted in the principal’s of the United Nations and international law,” UN political affairs chief Jeffrey Feltman says.

Russian President Vladimir Putin as well has condemned the airstrikes as illegal, warning the move to continue the attacks on pro-Assad forces would further damage already battered US-Russian relations.

Other Countries have come out in Support of the US strikes in Syria including, Canada, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement: “In both word and action (Trump) sent a strong and clear message.”

Israel’s channel 2 TV said Israel along with other allies was notified about the US airstrikes on Syria before anyone else was.

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