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Catalan separatists maintain majority



The three main Catalan separatist parties repeated similar results to those that took place two years ago by managing to win a majority of seats in the regional parliament.

Berning Media Network

However, it was the anti-independence party Ciutadans which obtained most support, with 25 per cent of the total votes.

No one party has gathered enough seats to form a government on its own, therefore negotiations will have to take place. Election turnout was more than 80 per cent, a record high for a Catalan regional election.

Junts Per Catalunya (34 seats), ERC (32) and CUP (4) are likely to try to form a similar coalition to that of 2015, which would give the pro-independence movement a two-seat majority, although negotiations will not be simple due to the differences of these parties in other-than-nacionalist aspects. Meanwhile Ciutadans (37), PSC (17) and PP (3) – the main unionist parties – would find themselves 11 seats short of a majority in the 135 seat chamber. Progressive party Catalunya en Comú (8) are the only main party to not have opt for any of the two sides (pro and against independence), and could remain a key party in negotiations to form a government.

A majority for independence parties could mean more headaches for the Spanish government, who stripped Catalonia of its autonomy and called for the elections in a hope to solve the regional crisis. It appears that the election results would not favor Madrid’s interests, as it would mean more confrontation between both governments.

Ciutadan’s leader Inés Arrimadas maintained that her party had been “victorious”, while other party personalities called for her to be named Catalan president. She admited, however, that forming a coalition to put her in government of the region would be “difficults”, but that they would try.

Ousted Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, who finds himself in self-imposed exile in Brussels, declared that the “Catalan Republic” had “defeated the Spanish State”.

No official comment has still been made by ERC leader Oriol Junqueras, who is currently still in prison after being accused of rebellion and sedition.

More details to follow. Syndicated from BMN. Image 1 from BMN.

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