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Zuma faces impeachment proceedings



The top court in South Africa has found that parliament failed to hold South African President Jacob Zuma accountable over a public funding case.

The ruling said parliament has to comply with its constitutional duties and set up impeachment proceedings.

Opposition groups brought the case to the court, hoping to trigger impeachment proceedings of President Zuma in parliament.

Judge Chris Jafta stressed that the assembly had failed to hold the president accountable.

“The assembly must put in place a mechanism that could be used for the removal of the president from office,” he added.

However, the court made itself clear that it could not intervene with the process in parliament and that it had no power to order an impeachment.

But the dissenting Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng said the ruling was a clear case of judicial overreach.

Mr Zuma was accused of mishandling $15 million USD state money, using it for his own personal interest to upgrade his private house.

In March 2016, the court had previously given a ruling saying that the president had failed to address a watchdog’s findings and ordered the president to pay some of the money back.

The Treasury deemed a $631,000 USD president’s reimbursement to be reasonable.

Parliament then debated the matter and Mr Zuma survived a no-confidence vote, but Friday’s court ruling said that the procedures it followed were insufficient.

Mr Zuma has been hit by a number of corruption allegations, all of which he has strongly denied.

However, the 75-year old president is expected to remain in the office until general elections which will be held in 2019.

More details to follow. Image 1 of Jacob Zuma from CNN.

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