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Universal pharmacare lobbied in Ottawa



Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff has united with Doctors for Medicare and Association of Retired Persons to reiterate a call for universal prescription drug coverage to kick off the CLC’s annual lobby day. 

Mr. Yussuff and allied organizations held a mid-morning press conference before its members disperse at Parliament Hill in Ottawa to echo the pharmacare message at “more than 175 meetings with ministers, MPs and senators.”

Canadian Labour touted Tuesday as the “biggest lobby day on Parliament Hill”, saying “hundreds of Canadian workers from across Canada will be advocating for universal pharmacare.”

Currently, those aged 25 and under have 100 common pharmacy drugs full subsidized in the province of Ontario.

Universal pharamacare at a national level, however, would save Canadians $4.2 billion a year, according to parliamentary budget report released last year.

The ruling Liberal Party platform includes the aim of creating a universal pharmacare system, according to a policy resolution on its website.

More details to follow. Image of Parliament Hill in Ottawa from Justin Plus Lauren. 

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