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Alleged female God evangelicals kicked from campus

Two females are trespassing on school property, says security.



Two so-called evangelicals that were purportedly part of the group that has recently been approaching several students on campus were escorted off site by security after being identified as trespassers on Friday afternoon.

Several students give their stories on the female God evangelical’s

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They were initially detained by security at the University of Guelph-Humber and brought to the Humber College Department of Public Safety just before 4 p.m., according to witnesses.

This is the pair that has reportedly aggressively presented their beliefs that the Christian God is female to Guelph-Humber and potentially Humber students recently, but the Post was not able to independently verify this as fact.

An anonymous source who came forward to the Post with a story about being confronted by one of the evangelicals outside Humber Starbucks on Thursday evening confirmed that the female wearing glasses was the one who confronted her.

A Post journalist was at the scene when the security officers were escorting two young women of Asian ethnicity across the bridge between the university and Humber College at the North Campus.

The pair was then brought to the security office located in NX101N just past the bridge to the college.

A guard at the front desk confirmed that her supervisor was interviewing the two detained.

The two females, both with bags and one sporting glasses, walked with security around Humber College in an attempt to find a locker one of them had a coat in.

Security officers, that asked not to be identified, told the Post that the two were trespassing on campus grounds and promoting without permission.

The pair were then escorted outside the Humber Learning Commons and departed on a bus without giving comment.

A Post investigative story published on Friday reported that those that are promoting the “female image of God” are apparently associated with the World Mission Society Church of God, a organized religious institution based in New Jersey.

What do we know?

Several students at Guelph-Humber have told the Post with their name and anonymously of situations where several Asian women have approached them regarding their beliefs that God is a female.

There have been five individual women described, with the most common case of a pair appearing as peers of students they approach.

The following have been described and appear to only approach female students:

  • Asian woman, middle aged, holding card with biblical verses on it
  • Two younger Asian women that fit the description of Friday’s incident
  • Two that introduced themselves as Korean, but were not the pair escorted off campus, according to Hannah Derue

What happened?

The Post was notified that the two Asian ethnic females were approached by security before 4 p.m. on the second floor of the University of Guelph-Humber building by Library Services.

May Courteau, a third year in the Psychology Program, was in the Learning Commons when the incident occurred.

The two trespassers had approached a student near the help desk and had engaged them in conversation while other students, out of concern regarding sex trafficking rumours, asked Learning Support Peers at the second floor desk to call security.

Campus security officers arrived and talked to the two for around 20 minutes, according to Courteau, 20.

Post journalist Eli Ridder was on scene when security brought the pair across the bridge to Humber College’s security offices at the Department of Public Safety.

Two students, Hannah Derue and Ameerah McLean, were also on scene, with McLean asking the security officers about what was going on.

Security spent approximately 15 minutes interviewing the two before escorting them around the school in an effort to find their lockers as one needed their coat.

Then two security officers brought the pair outside to the transit hub, when they said that the other students that had been following along and the Post could ask them questions. Contact had been denied until that point.

McLean attempted to ask the pair questions but only one responded in English, only sharing that it “wasn’t a good time” to talk before boarding a Halton Express “MiWay” bus.

The pair were unclear whether the Post could take a picture and did not respond to a request for comment.

More details to follow. Follow our Twitter for the latest updates. Image of the bus the pair left on from The Guelph-Humber Post.

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