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Six female God evangelicals known



A group that has been approaching students on campus aiming to share their beliefs that God is female comes to at least six known individuals, according to witnesses.

A compiled set of sightings and interactions from over 10 students have highlighted at least six people of Asian ethnicity.

The following people have been seen:

  • Older lady who claims to be Korean
  • Young female adult with glasses, Asian descent
  • Young female adult, Asian descent
  • Young male adult, Asian descent
  • Two other female Asian adults

Two of the young adult females were kicked from campus on Friday afternoon.

It appeared to be the first time security has interacted with one of this group.

Students are approached by members of this on campus group usually by a pair or three, according to those that have experienced it.

Next, the group will engage with the student, likely mention that they are Korean and proceed to explain their beliefs over a female Christian God.

In most incidents, the evangelicals will attempt to persuade students to attend a bible study, sometimes being very insistent.

The group appears only to approach female students with descriptions of their behavior varying from harmless to harassment.

The Post has reached out to the World Mission Society Church of God for comment, the church behind similar instances in the United States.

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More details to follow. Image of campus from previous files.  ■

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