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Qatar Emir calls blockade ‘futile’

The emir of Qatar criticizes the four-country blockade of his country that has continued since last June.



Eli Ridder | The Post

Emir Sheikh Tamim criticized the ongoing blockade of Qatar by a Saudi Arabia-led group of Arab countries during a security conference on Friday.

Bahrain, followed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, cut ties with Qatar on June 5 of last year, alleging that Doha supported “terrorism” and close ties with Iran.

Qatar has repeatedly denied the accusations, and there has been strong support for the country from the United States, who has called for the land, sea and air embargo’s to end.

“It has been a futile crisis, manufactured by our neighbours,” Tamim told those gathered at the Munich Security Conference.

“By defusing the impact of the illegal and aggressive measures imposed on our people, Qatar has preserved its sovereignty.”

Open talks are planned for Sunday over the Gulf tensions.

More details to follow. Image of Shiekh Tamim from Ralph Orlowski / Reuters.

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