A dust storm hit Charleville, a town in south-west Queensland, covering the remote community in orange dust.

The storm swept through the small Australian town on Tuesday, knocking down several trees and causing minor damage.

Authorities said recent weather conditions had allowed strong winds to pick and spread dirt from the region.

“We do see a fair few dust events through the western parts of Queensland because it is such a dry and hot place, but it’s definitely one of the more impressive events of the last few years,” Harry Clark from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology estimated the dust storm was about 124 miles wide and it recorded winds of up to 60 mph, while visibility at the local airport was reduced to about 200 m.

“We heard thunder, so we went outside and we turned around and there was this big red dust storm coming along,” Paige Donald told the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Another resident in the remote town of about 3,300 people wrote on Facebook that it had been a wild few hours.

“I didn’t close the bedroom window before I went to work this morning! Nothing that the washing machine won’t fix,” wrote Sonja Street, while posting a photo showing a bed covered in dust.

Police said the storm lasted a few hours and caused some minor damage to houses and signs in the town.

The security official said the storm lasted for a few hours and inflicted some minor damage to houses and signs in the town.

More details to follow. Image 1 of the storm dust from Evening Standard.


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