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Gunasasekaram to act on feedback, establish clarity

The Board of Directors candidate vows to act on student feedback and reinforce the role of student government.



Eli Ridder | The Post

Board of Directors candidate Raakave Gunasekaram is dedicated to gathering and acting on feedback from students and establish clarity on her position’s role if elected, she told the Post on Wednesday.

“I am committed to gathering student feedback on how IGNITE can cater to supporting Guelph-Humber students,” Gunasekaram wrote in a written statement.

“One thing I would like to do is work towards communicating with Guelph-Humber students effectively and following up with any students directly with their concerns.”

The fourth year Justice Studies student is running in partnership with fellow board candidate Michaela Wong and presidential hopeful Monica Khosla.

Toronto-based Gunasekaram, 21, explained she wants to bring more clarity to the role, and specifically, the limitations of student government.

“My goal is to maintain consistent communication between the students and the student government,” she said.

Gunasekaram said that previously students and government had been in sync regarding “advocacy for parking, food on campus, and reduced tuition” as “commonly shared goals”.

“However, these are a few concerns we do not have much control over,” she wrote.

Gunasekaram says that elected students are instead “responsible for the enhancement of student lives socially.”

The candidate is vying with several others for two University of Guelph-Humber slots on the Board of Directors for GH and Humber College.

‘Team player’

Raakave Gunasekaram told the Post she is dedicated to being a “team player”.

“It is important for the student government in charge to be able to communicate with each other and make decisions together.”

Gunasekaram says her partnership with candidates Wong and Khosla allows all three to reach out to as many students as possible with the aim of being elected together.

“My goal is to be approachable and accessible,” she said.

“When elected, students should feel comfortable contacting me with any questions, concerns or ideas they would like to be implemented.”

The University of Guelph-Humber student is not a returning board member, but says she has watched current member Allyson Sandee of Guelph-Humber.

“I have observed Allyson collect feedback from students and I hope to continue what she has started.”


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