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UGH Productions burst on to the scene as the latest society at the University of Guelph-Humber in January, made by first-year’s as an inclusive club that does not discriminate by level of education so it can give younger students experience. 

Started by a group that calls itself “TRASH”, Maya Marcus, Megan Roopnarine, Laima Noori and Kendrick Tran, UGH Productions has planned to hold photoshoot’s, create movie shorts and produce other media such as a podcast or YouTube channel.

The production society aims to converge collaboration in a way that allows different sides of an industry to network, describing it as “allowing for people to learn from each other in a mediated environment.”

“It’s basically networking without the awkwardness.”

In a written statement to the Post, the society gave the example of a student who wants to become a model grouping up with others who wish to do the same and pairing up with a student photographer in an effort to build up the portfolio’s of all parties involved.

The members of UGH Productions cited several reasons for starting the club, including the fact that Guelph-Humber has very few of its own clubs outside the Humber College-based IGNITE and less where students can “explore and network with each other.”

The society also said that “since we have to wait until the third and fourth year to truly explore our professions”, the production club could allow students to “some sort of edge above the rest.”

A common complaint among some Media Studies students is the lack of hands-on experience in first years of their courses, or not having access to year-specific projects such as GH360.

When asked whether any student at the university could join, the group said a “major point for our club is being all-inclusive.”

Members told the Post that they “made this club to allow anyone and everyone the chance to meet other people alike or not to work together and collaborate.”

“After-all isn’t that all part of what GH itself emphasizes “a tight-knit community,” they asked.

“Students should follow UGH Productions because it is a club trying to build a tight-knit community of filmmakers, models, and just people of all niches in general,” the society told the Post.

“In other words, if you want to further your professional career you should follow us, to see one of many things that we will have to offer you.”


More coverage of campus to follow. Image of the University of Guelph-Humber from the Post. 

Written by Eli Ridder

Eli Ridder is a freelance journalist. He founded The Avro Post in October 2017. He writes for Breaking911 and Guelph Politico, among others. Feel free to connect at ELIRIDDER@ICLOUD.COM or at ELIRIDDER.CA

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