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Elections 2018

IGNITE accountability key to Sandhu’s platform

Nikki Sandhu says she understands “what IGNITE is capable of and what they are responsible for” in her run for the Board of Directors.



Eli Ridder | The Post

Nikki Sandhu told the Post on Friday that accountability is key in her run for the Board of Directors representing the University of Guelph-Humber. 

“I am a candidate that will always ensure IGNITE is accountable for it’s actions and commitments towards the students of Guelph-Humber,” Sandhu said in a written statement.

The third year Business Program student said her expectations for IGNITE are “strict and clear” but also fair due to her experience in working with IGNITE in the past.

“I understand what IGNITE is capable of and what they are responsible for. Unlike the other candidates, I will be able to appropriately judge the actions taken by IGNITE by what I know they can and cannot do,” Sandhu said.

In simple points, the Brampton-based candidate broke down her platform into “accountability, passion and transparency”.

“I am passionate about student representation, will hold elected members of IGNITE accountable and act in a transparent and clear manner for the student body.”

Sandhu, 21, said the board is tasked with ensuring “IGNITE is actively taking in feedback for their commitments and actions from the student body.”

“It helps maintain accountability with the students, as well as examining the overall strategic direction and how it helps students at GH and other campuses.”

“To put it briefly, I will be attentive, thorough and dedicated to maintaining a high standard of accountability throughout IGNITE.”

Sandhu is competing for two seats designated for the University of Guelph-Humber against a field of eight other candidates, and encourages anyone interested in finding out more to email her via Gryph Mail.

IGNITE elections take place starting on Mar. 12, with winners announced on Mar. 16 for the Board of Directors and executive positions.

More elections coverage to follow. Image of campaign posters from the Post.  ■

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