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Wildflower club accused of racism



Popular Toronto club, Wildflower has been accused of racism for its ‘Stir Fry’ party.

The event, hosted this past Sunday, was named after the hit song Stir Fry by Atlanta rap group, Migos. Many claim that the event was culturally inappropriate and racist.

Photos of an employee in what some call ‘yellowface’ have surfaced.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 4.52.32 PM

The employee appears to be squinting their eyes and wearing a conical hat.

.Wildflower has since issued an apology via their Instagram page after many users flooded their previous posts demanding the club to speak up and be held accountable.

The post reads, “On behalf of Wildflower, we apologize. We executed poor judgement in the event concept and in our response afterwards. We will use this as an example to do better and think more carefully about our actions.”

The post has over 1,000 comments calling out the club for its insincere apology and debates about race.

One user wrote, “This is so shameful. Asian Americans and Canadians already have it 100 times harder with their cultural identity and how we are portrayed in the media. You guys are fucking disgusting. #boycottwildflowertoronto

Image from NowToronto.

Featured image from BlogTO.

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