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The first group of civilians managed to flee the rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta near the Syrian capital on Monday. 

The civilians who escaped said they’ve been “living in fear of being killed” by militants for “any perceived wrongdoing”.

Early on Monday, a group of 52 civilians managed to leave with the assistance of the Russian Center for Reconciliation and the Syrian Arab Army.

“Within two days they will be provided with all the necessary assistance, including medical help,” the spokesman for the reconciliation center, Major General Vladimir Zolotukhin, said.

Eastern Ghouta has been subjected to intense fighting in the past month, with terrorists shelling civilian and targeting anybody who tries to leave the area.

“We lived in fear under the militants, there were very harsh conditions. They drove up food prices, introduced a strict regime.. you could lose your head for the slightest fault,” a civilian who left the area told SANA reporters.

“Seven years we have suffered. All of us in Misrab remained neutral. But we couldn’t leave from there, couldn’t do anything. They didn’t let us go, controlled us and pressured us. We haven’t seen anything that was sent to us. No money, no dollars, they took everything away. They completely robbed us.”

The civilians who managed to escape the area were only able to because elements of the Russian and Syrian military’s purportedly “held talks with the armed groups controlling the area”.

The Russian Centre for Reconciliation offered the militants, and their families, an opportunity to leave the area with the guarantee of their safety in exchange for allowing the passage of civilians, according to Zolotukhin.

Syndicated with permission via Berning Media Network. Image of Eastern Ghoutta from Malay Mail Online. 

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