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We all have our pet peeves about the TTC. Whether it be long wait times, delays, or overcrowding.

However, the TTC is moving in the right direction to winning back our affections. They have confirmed that they will be getting 200 clean diesel buses equipped with 12 USB charging ports to each bus in September!

They are also adding three individually operated flip-down seats to create space for strollers and large passenger belongings, and two passenger information displays!

The demand for wifi and charging ports on public transportation has increased steadily. Other Canadian cities such as Montreal have wifi on their city buses. Cities worldwide such as London and Tokyo are in testing phases of adding charging ports to their city buses as well.

For more information on other TTC initiatives for the year, check out their Customer Charter.

How do you feel about the news? Comment below!

Featured image from TTC.

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  1. It’s about time. I mean London as a whole isn’t “testing” charge ports, nearly every single transit bus across major England cities have USB charging plugs & wifi… Toronto is slacking

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