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Dual Syrian battles cause mass exodus

Thousands flee Eastern Ghouta and Afrin.



Eli Ridder | The Avro Post

Over 50,000 people have fled dual offensives against rebel forces near the capital in the south and by the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in the north, international media report, citing activist groups. 

Thirty-one people were killed by Russian airstrikes in Eastern Ghouta beside Damascus on Friday, after the Syrian regime offensive sent thousands fleeing in the past several days.

In the northern town of Afrin, where 30,000 people have fled, Turkish shelling killed at least 18 people.

Since the Syrian Civil War began with the rebel uprising against President Bashar al-Assad in March of 2011, more than 400,000 are recorded as killed or as missing and presumed dead.

Twelve million Syrian have been been pushed from their homes over some seven years.

Turkey, Russia and Iran are once again attempting to hold a major summit on the conflict next month in Instabul.

More details to follow. Image of Eastern Ghouta from the Independent.

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