Jacob Argintaru | The Avro Post

A British sniper killed an ISIS commander from more than 1,500 meters away in complete darkness, reported British newspaper Daily Star on Monday.

There was only a 15-second window for the sniper to take the shot, which killed the ISIS commander with a clean shot to the head. A source from the scene described the shot as “one in a million.”

The commander was killed after arriving in an ISIS-controlled village, close to the Syrian boarder.

SAS waited on the commander’s arrival until night-time. Once it got dark, the unit had to decide whether or not to abort the mission or go through with attempting to assassinate the ISIS militant in pitch-black darkness.

The sniper, reported to be an SAS Sergent with over 100 kills over the span of his military career, chose the latter.

The ISIS commander arrived at his safe-house in a car. The sniper lined up his sights, and took the shot as the commander exited the vehicle.

Image of SAS snipers, from The Epoch Times.

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