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Three were killed and five injured after a gunman who claimed allegiance to so-called Islamic State stole a vehicle, took aim at police and took several hostages at a supermarket in southern France on Friday. 

The assailant was identified by the Interior Ministry as Redouane Lakdim, 26, who was shot dead after a four-hour standoff at the Super U in Trebes where he killed two hostages after shooting a passenger of the car he stole earlier.

An investigation has been opened into murder and attempted murder “in connection with a terrorist in Trèbes,” the French prosecutor’s office told CNN news agency.

French President Emmanuel Macron, who was told of the attack while speaking at a European Union summit in Belgium’s capital Brussels, identified the incident as an “Islamist terrorist attack”.

In a statement released online, Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency reported the attacker was “a soldier of the Islamic State”, according to BBC News, a claim Mr. Macron said the security services were studying.

Police took a women into custody that was “very close” to the primary suspect and “shared his life”, prosecutor Francois Molins told gathered press in Carcassonne.

Suspect profile

Image of suspect from The Telegraph/Getty Images.

Lakdim was born in Morocco during the 1992 and held French nationality, according to authorities.

Mr. Molins said the suspect’s name was listed on an extremist watch-list over his “radicalization and his links with the Salafist movement”, a group Al Jazeera describes as conservative and others identify as hardline.

Lakdim was found guilty of carrying a prohibited weapon in 2011 and convicted for drug use and refusing a court order in 2015, Mr Molins said.

Earlier, Mr Collomb said that though he had been known to authorities as a petty criminal and they “did not think he had been radicalised”.

Lakdim lived in an apartment in Carcassonne with his parents and several sisters.

A neighbor spotted the suspect taking one of his sisters to her school in the morning.

The family’s apartment was raided by police on Friday afternoon.


France just lifted a state-of-emergency in October that was trigged by the Paris attacks that killed 130 in November of 2015.

More details to follow. Image of the scene from Reuters news agency.

Written by Eli Ridder

Eli Ridder is a freelance journalist. He founded The Avro Post in October 2017. He writes for Breaking911 and Guelph Politico, among others. Feel free to connect at ELIRIDDER@ICLOUD.COM or at ELIRIDDER.CA

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