The strongly debated “Transform Yonge”, a project proposed by Toronto’s city council to revamp Willowdale’s portion of Yonge Street, has been pushed back until the next term of city council.

The project will prioritize safety over a shorter commute by shrinking the affected portion of Yonge St. from its current six lanes to four, making space for bike lanes and large pedestrian walkways.

The redesign will affect Yonge St. from Finch Ave. in the north, to Sheppard Ave. in the south.

Proposed redesign of Yonge St., from CBC.

Council divided

Those on city council opposed to “Transform Yonge” fear that only having two-lanes on a major road will cause problems for commuters who drive or take the bus.

Others like Mayor John Tory favor an alternative design that keeps Yonge St. six lanes wide but still makes space for large walkways by narrowing each lane individually.

This version of the project will cost the city an extra $9 million but is seen as a viable compromise.

Councillors are still divided on whether or not to go through with the project.

More details to follow. Image of Empress Walk on Yonge St. from John Filion.


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