Canadian activist-journalist Lauren Southern has been banned for life from the United Kingdom, Daily Mail reported last month.

In a video uploaded to her YouTube channel, Southern explains that the U.K. Home Office issued the ban because she was caught “distributing racist leaflets.”

Problem is, Southern did no such thing.

As the 22 year old explains in the video, British authorities shut down a social experiment Southern was conducting to poll the attitudes of English Muslims towards gay rights and transgenderism.

The experiment consisted of Southern handing out pro-LGBT, pro-Islam leaflets to record the reactions of people walking by. Eventually, the experiment was shut down by police for causing offense.

Free speech has been under attack in the U.K. for a while now. According to British newspaper The Times, 3,395 people were arrested in 2016 for so-called “hate speech.”

Southern was detained and deported by English authorities last month when trying to enter the country from Calais, France. British authorities did so to prevent Southern from interviewing British activist, Tommy Robinson.

Southern is currently in the process of suing the U.K. government for the deportation and lifetime ban.

More details to follow | Image of Lauren Southern from Daily Mail.

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