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Analysis: U.S. missile strike possibly, Syria prepares



Eli Ridder | The Avro Post

A United States missile strike on Syria over the alleged use of chemical weapons on the former rebel enclave in Douma could occur in the coming days after U.S. President Donald Trump confirmed Washington’s intentions on Wednesday.

Mr. Trump tweeted a warning that U.S. missiles were incoming in response to a Russian envoy saying Moscow would stop any U.S. strikes and possibly hit back at the source of the rockets.

A complication of reports say there has been abnormal U.S. and French military movements as Syrian government and allied Hezbollah forces work to clear airbases.

Mr. Trump and French counterpart Emmanuel Macron vowed a strong response after a phone call earlier a this week.

Airlines that fly over Syria have been rerouted and Israel’s defence forces are on alert for possible military action in the region, according to reports.

U.S. defence secretary James Mattis said the Pentagon is “ready” to provide military options in regards to Syria.

More details to follow. Image of U.S. Air Force in desert from the Associated Press. 

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