An Iceland man suspected of stealing roughly $200 million in Bitcoin escaped from prison and fled to Sweden reportedly sharing a flight with his country’s Prime Minister, according to the BBC.

Sindri Thor Stefansson is one of 11 suspects involved in Iceland’s “Big Bitcoin Heist,” a wave of robberies where Stefansson and his accomplices allegedly stole 600 computers from data centres around the country.

The computers are still missing and contain a total £1.45m in Bitcoin.

Before escaping, Stefansson had been serving time at a low-security prison in rural Iceland. The prison had no wall or fence keeping convicts in which made for an easy getaway.

Stefansson went straight to Keflavik international airport, just 95km away from his prison in Sogn. He bought a ticket to Stockholm under a fake name, not needing a passport due to European Union travel laws.

Stefansson happened to be on the same flight as Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, who was traveling to a meeting with five other Nordic leaders and India’s prime minister later that day.

Police issued an international warrant for Stafansson’s arrest and have already questioned multiple suspects including Stefansson’s wife.

Iceland’s Prime Minister has not commented on the situation.

More details to follow | Image of Keflavík International Airport, from Wikipedia.

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