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Strike expenses fund set up by York University



York University announced on Thursday that it will provide up to $1,500 in support for students who have experienced financial hardship as a results of the nearly seven week contract faculty strike. 

The bursary for those that have had  “extenuating financial circumstances”  will be made available for undergraduate students that are enrolled for the current school year, in a similar fashion to the strike relief fund set up for colleges last fall.

Eligibility depends on costs over changed travel plans, lease extension or childcare and those applying for support funds will have to provide “supporting documentation”.

York also said that it will offer a “tuition credit” to any student who withdraws from a class between Mar. 5, when the strike began, and Dec. 31 of this year, and would be able to use that credit to complete the class sometime before the end of 2019.

Students that want to finish a class that has been suspended due to the strike, the university says that it will take approximately four weeks to do so upon the end of the collective bargaining dispute.

York also is given the option for students to apply for an assessed grade in a given class dependent on whether they have completed 70 per cent of the coursework included in the original syllabus.

However, the last option is not available to graduate courses or courses in some specific faculties.

More details to follow. Image of York University from previous files. 

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