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Community rallies after van incident in Toronto



Eli Ridder | Report

Community members from the Yonge-Finch neighbourhood set up a makeshift memorial on Monday in support of the victims just hours after a van slammed into pedestrians on the other side of Yonge St in Toronto. 

It was meant to bring the community together in healing, organizer Kondtantin Goulich told The Avro Post earlier in the afternoon, before the nighttime vigil started.


Kondtantin Goulich, memorial organizer, in front of the memorial.

Several residents, police officers, and those walking by stopped to sign the posters taped up just metres from where hours ago a white van rammed into crowds of pedestrians.

Mr. Goulich said he came out about an hour after the incident happened and saw the bodies strewed across the sidewalk on the west side of Yonge St. in Canada’s financial capital.

The location of the incident is far north of the city’s downtown, almost outside of Toronto proper.

After he saw the scene, Goulich went to get posters and markers, returning later to set up what could be described as a memorial where the community could gather.

It later turned into a full vigil with candles on Monday evening, with another memorial planned for 8 p.m. on Tuesday at Olive Square Park.

It was not only the Yonge and Finch neighbourhood that united in solidarity.

Hundreds of Canadians across southern Ontario, and even a few more northern residents, posted on Facebook’s crisis page for the van attack that they were available to assist in a variety of roles.

Hayley Malcho, who marked herself as a someone who could supply baby supplies, transportation, food and toiletries, said her motivation was “helping others when they may be overtaken with grief, fear or anxiety.”

“As humans, if we can help another, we should.”

At least 10 have been killed and 16 injured after the van attack, in what is considered one of the worst mass killings in modern Canadian history.

Image of Kondtantin Goulich from Eli Ridder/The Avro Post.

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