Eli Ridder | Report

The suspect in the Toronto van attack that killed at least 10 and injured 16 was identified by multiple reports as Alek Minassian on Monday evening. 

The suspect’s motive for driving down several blocks of Yonge St. knocking down dozens of pedestrians early in the afternoon has not been released.

Mr. Minassian’s alleged act appears to be deliberate, but Toronto Police have not yet verified that as hard fact.

After driving the van down the sidewalk, witnesses on the scene said that Minassian was yelling “kill me” while holding an unidentified object in what police called an apparent suicide-by-cop attempt, which was foiled by a Toronto Police officer who de-escalated the situation and apprehended him.

Minassian is 25-years-old and from Richmond Hill in the province of Ontario, and has Seneca College listed on his LinkedIn profile.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 9.14.00 PM.png

It’s uncertain whether the collision will be classified as a terrorist or directly intentional act.

Speaking to that, Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale admitted it was too early to definitively say whether the incident was a case of international terrorism or not.

However, multiple witnesses claim that the suspect was acting deliberately, allegedly driving fast into the victims of the collision.

More details to follow. Image of the van from the Daily Mail. 

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