Lucas Viveiros | The Avro Post

The Toronto Raptors closed out the Washington Wizards on the road on Friday 102-92, meaning the team will move on to the second round of the NBA playoffs.

Toronto was able to survive a tough eighth seeded matchup, and although bent at some points in the series, never broke as a team.

Even when the Raptors got away from what made them successful throughout the season, (activating their bench) Toronto made sure not to ISO Lowry and DeRozan too frequently throughout the series.

In this game, the decision really came down to a lopsided final quarter where the Raptors outscored Washington 29-14 on route to the first road team victory of the series.

The depth of the Wizards became exposed as the game progressed, as Washington failed to get any meaningful contributions from any player on their roster other than the familiar faces of John Wall (23 points, five rebounds, eight assists), Bradley Beal (32 points, three rebounds, one assist), and Markieff Morris (12 points, 15 rebounds, one assist).

Toronto on the other hand, got enough from the entirety of their bench, whether it be Pascal Siakam (11 points, eight rebounds), Fred VanVleet (five points, four rebounds, four assists), Jakob Poeltl (seven points, seven rebounds), or others apart of the Raptors core strength.

Kyle Lowry also came clutch when the team counted on him, as Lowry continues to try and rewrite the books on his performance when it comes to playoff basketball.

Lowry was able to produce 24 points, six rebounds, and six assists, perhaps showing why Masai Ujiri and Dwayne Casey continue to believe in him as much as they do.

The game was finished off by this Delon Wright block on enemy Kelly Oubre Jr, as the two traded jabs on Instagram prior to Game 6.

All in all, the Raptors are moving on, and this is just one step for a team destined to make a deep run in this postseason.

Next up the Raptors will play a new opponent in round two, which will be decided on Sunday following the Pacers/Cavaliers Game 7.

Toronto fans are hoping that Pacers guard Victor Oladipo can have a performance for the ages, and send LeBron James home in the first round.

James has made it to six straight NBA finals, and has been well documented as the Raptors kryptonite, as he always seems to thrive when up against the Dinos.

More coverage to follow. Image from The Globe and Mail. 

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