Jacob Argintaru | Report

Support for President Trump among black males has doubled over the past week according to a recent poll by Reuters.

22% of respondents said that they supported the president while 7.1% said that they had ‘mixed feelings.’

The sudden spike in support is likely due to Kanye West, one of the most influential rappers alive, voicing his support for conservative figures like Candace Owens and President Trump over Twitter earlier this week:

West has been making conservative statements over social media for the past week, stirring up controversy among the predominantly left-wing music community.

However, Trump supporters and the political-right were overwhelmingly supportive of the rapper’s statements. Even the president took to Twitter to praise the MC for his comments:

The vast majority of black Americans have disapproved of Trump since he became president, likely due to misinformation spread about him and his supporters being racist towards black people.

Kanye met with the then president-elect back in 2016 and plans to run for office in 2024.

More details to follow | Image from Twitter.





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