Twitter took 12 long years for this “new” feature and it’s almost here!

Yes, it took 12 years before Twitter considered implementing encrypted messaging into their platform and they confirmed it by responding to Edward Snowden.

Encrypted Messaging?

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “encrypted messaging“? If you’re not familiar with those words you’d probably think it was a new form of messaging ( which it is ) but it’s really a more secure form of messaging.

A form of secure messaging similar to WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal except it’s aimed towards your direct Twitter messages.

What Does Encrypted Messaging Do?

Imagine Twitter’s “Secret Messaging” feature being similar to Facebooks. It would mean you’re able to send a message to someone without companies like Facebook or third party companies invading your privacy. Not because the message would disappear after you send it but because it would be encrypted.

Encrypted messaging encrypts your message by making it unreadable to others that don’t have access to it. Currently, Twitter doesn’t support it, meaning people who send messages are susceptible to their messages being seen. These messages are logged/stored by Twitter and can be used against you by police, courts and government entities.

Who Cares About This? And Why?

Even though the average user is more than fine with Twitter’s current messaging system, there are people who use Twitter for more than just “messaging” and “tweets”.

Security/privacy enthusiasts have complained about Twitter’s lack of secure messaging. Which has put the idea in their head but it wasn’t solidified until as of now.

Recently, Edward Snowden, who asked Twitter’s very own CEO, How about, secret burn-after-reading DMs? was one of the first people to get a response about the situation.

Here’s something to think about. You may have heard of Equifax having a data breach in 2017. One that exposed a lot of sensitive information to the wrong people.

If Twitter had a breech not only would your personal information be at risk but so would your messages. By using Twitters new feature the messages you want to keep private would disappear after a certain amount of time and would prevent hackers and nosy people from viewing your private conversations and pictures.

When Will It Happen?

There’s no specific time frame in regards to this new feature but we’re sure Twitter was already working on it.

As of now, you should always be cautious when sending people sensitive messages and information.

Grab yourself an app that uses encryption to protect your information if you’re worried or communicate in person more.

Are you happy Twitters bringing a new feature to its platform? Will you use it or trash it? Let us know in the comment section!

Written by ThatWindowsDev

Microsoft Developer that studied Information Technology & Security. I mainly focus on Website Development, Cyber Security, Information Security and Stocks. Former Anonymous and have wrote for various news companies.

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