Melissa Lopez | Report

On Friday morning, a teenager shot and killed 10 students at Santa Fe High School.

Dimitrios Pagourtzis has been identified as the Texas shooter that opened fire at Santa Fe High School at approximately 7:30 am Friday morning.

Students were at first administered to evacuate the school, appearing to be for a fire drill, however once gun shoots were heard panic arose.

10th grade student Dakota Shrader told reporters, “I just heard the alarm and everybody ran out at first, all we heard was ‘run, run,”

“Everybody just started running to the safest place they could as fast as they can,” said Shrader.

Pagourtzis is currently being detained, possibly facing charges of capital murder and aggravated assault. The shooter has been described as a quiet student that often wore a trench coat, as described by a student.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott advise the media that although the motive has not been made clear, information has been found about the incident.

“Journals on his computer and his cell phone that he said that not only did he want to commit the shooting, but he wanted to commit suicide after the shooting,” said Abbott

“As you probably know, he gave himself up and admitted at the time he didn’t have the courage to commit the suicide, that he wanted to take his own life earlier,” Abbott said.

This is the 22nd school shooting of the year in the U.S.

More details to follow. Image of student Dakota Shrader and mother, Susan Davidson. Image from The Associated Press. 



Written by Melissa Lopez-Martinez

Melissa Lopez-Martinez is a third year media student at the University of Guelph-Humber.

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