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Fourth year Psychology Program student Kayla Terceira announced her run for the University of Guelph Senate on Thursday, ahead of a by-election to fill Guelph-Humber’s remaining seat in the 162-member chamber. 

Ms. Terceira posted about her campaign launch via a Facebook post on her personal account, saying that “after much deliberation I have officially decided to help improve policy and education” by running for Guelph Humber’s fourth slot.

A Facebook page set up for her campaign released a full platform within minutes of being set up, announcing objectives that push for better accessibility, transparency and policy reform with the slogan: “your school, your voice”.

The aspiring lawyer with an Area of Emphasis in Justice Studies announced her intentions a day after Hannah Derue launched her campaign. The pair once worked together within the folds of the independent and unofficial Academic Reform Group.

Terceira in ARG, third from left.

The by-election is a result of only three seats being filled in the spring, as the university has slots for four senators it can send to Guelph’s Senate.

The Avro Post has reached out to Terceira for comment.

‘Your school, your voice’

Terceira’s 15-point platform goes into detail on what changes she would aim to make around the University of Guelph-Humber campus if she is elected in the Senate fall by-election, including a section titled “Real World Application”.

An ambitious platform items include calling for a formal policy “that allows students to go to a higher power about improper academic procedures [or] academic misconduct on behalf of professors without fear of academic/personal penalties.”

Terceira also calls for changes in course limitations, increased awareness of emergency exits for those incapacitated, affordable food options for allergies or dietary restrictions, money-managing workshops, and further accessibility and “real world” items.

It it not clear whether all of the Terceira’s platform items can actually be carried out, as the jurisdiction of the University of Guelph Senate is largely confined to academic policy and efforts outside of that are usually associated with IGNITE’s executive.

Terceira also calls for “less limitations on student government for increased student autonomy”, but it is not clear whether she means increased autonomy for the Guelph Senate or IGNITE, which is the direct student government of the university.

Guelph-Humber does not have its own student government. Instead, it sends representatives to Humber College’s combined student services and student government, IGNITE, and elects four senators to send to Guelph.

The Academic Reform Group, a student start-up Terceira was once an executive of, aims to establish an independent student government for just the University of Guelph-Humber and advocate for policy concerns from students.


More details to follow. Image of the university from The Avro Post. *Correction made, Terceira is not a Justice Studies major. 

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