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The Avro Post reached out with questions for University of Guelph Senate candidate Hannah Derue, who said “change is due” following the launch of her campaign to take a single by-election seat up for the taking at Guelph-Humber this fall.

This is the relevant text of the interview. Derue formally launched her campaign on June 13, a day before another candidate announced her intent to run.

On Saturday evening Derue released her full platform via social media with the slogan:  “Vote Derue, change is due”.

1) What motivated you to run? You founded and run ARG, does this play a part?

Guelph-Humber is a terrific community. That said, there are some areas that could use improvement at the university. I believe that Guelph-Humber should capitalize on its strengths as a tight-knit community with a variety of perspectives and experiences. I’m ready to channel the students’ voices to those who need to hear it.

The Academic Reform Group has been an excellent opportunity to lead students interested in on-campus policy and activist efforts. In that way, I imagine it will be similar to my role at Senate. It’s been a challenge to coordinate people to create change at ARG. In Senate, like in ARG, I will not give up on my commitment to the students.

This role will be different than my role at ARG, because I won’t be the one spearheading change. My role as Senator will be as a correspondent between students and the people in power. I’m looking to amplify their movement, rather than my own.

2) Although your platform isn’t yet released in full, what is your plan for students?

The platform will be announced tonight on the campaign’s social media platforms. You can find more information there.

3) Have you held other positions, either paid or elected at Guelph-Humber?

As previously mentioned, I am the President of the Academic Reform Group.

In second year, I was the Year Representative for Psych Society, and in the past year, I was the VP of Events – Activities at Psych Society. These roles at Psych Society have given me an avenue to interact with Psychology program students, but I look forward to initiatives that are not as program specific this year at GH.

I have also been employed as a Guelph-Humber Research Assistant (RA) and as a Guelph-Humber Research Support Peer (RSP) at the Learning Commons Help Desk (2nd Floor GH). I look forward to continued employment at the Learning Commons Help Desk in the same RSP role this fall semester. My employed roles have given me opportunities to develop personal skills in the area I’m looking to advance my career, and they have also allowed me to make many valuable relationships with other students and coworkers.

In the past year, I have also been a volunteer Student Delegate representing the University of Guelph-Humber at the 2017 Health Quality Ontario (HQO) conference. It was a valuable experience to represent the University of Guelph-Humber at a professional conference of that magnitude.

This year, I hope to reapply for the Year Representative position this fall semester as well. I am also looking forward to a role at the Consent Peer Education program, whether employed or as a volunteer.

It has been an honor to represent our community on so many occasions and in such a variety of positions. I hope that students will trust me to carry their voices to Senate for 2018-2019 academic year.

4) What would you like students to know about you?

Students can expect a bold, professional leader behind a new student movement in September.

They can find out more about me by reading my platform and following the “THE CANDIDATE” series on Instagram @HannahDerue.They can also meet me in person either on campus, or at a “Vote Derue” event currently in the beginning stages of organization. Stay tuned to social media for updates on that event.

My email ( and inboxes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are always open over the summer.

5) What is your most important asset as a candidate?

My commitment. As a Senator, I promise to only perform as a conduit from the students to the UofG Senate. I will take this job seriously, and see it through to the end of my term.

More coverage to follow. Image of the candidate from Hannah Derue.

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