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Police presence increases in the city amidst ‘potential risk to public safety’



The Avro Post | Report

Toronto police are increasing their presence around the core downtown area amidst an unknown ‘potential risk to public safety.’

Toronto police tweeted early this morning that they are “responding to an unconfirmed, uncorroborated piece of information related to the GTA.”

Acting Supt. Michael Barksy provided an update on the situation this afternoon but refused to go into details about the on-going investigation.

While no real threat has been confirmed yet, Barsky revealed that “the information they received this morning pertained to the Greater Toronto Area.”

“Whenever we have report of a potential risk we take that seriously,” he told reporters.

As the sudden increase of security sparks growing concerns across the GTA, Barsky assured the public that “the police presence in this area is simply to ensure that the public can enjoy and come down to this area unimpeded and without any worry.”

York regional police have also increased security around Canada’s Wonderland, posting to Twitter that “public safety is our primary concern.”

More details to follow.  Feature Image from The Huffington Post.


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