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Society Spotlight: GHAMA

Members of Guelph-Humbers’ Advertising and Marketing Association (GHAMA) sat down with The Avro Post for an in depth look on the society.



Melissa Lopez | Campus

Members of Guelph-Humber’s’ Advertising and Marketing Association (GHAMA) sat down with The Avro Post for an in depth look on the society.

What is GHAMA?

The GHAMA society focuses on students “seeking to develop their professional careers within the fields of advertising and marketing, through the implementation of creative advertising, marketing and networking experiences.”

What are your positions in the society?

Kedice Jones, President – third year Media student, specializing in Media Business.

Kedice Jones, President.

Kaela Johnson, Vice President of Communications – third year Media student, specializing in Public Relations.

Kaela Johnson, Vice President of Communications.

Elysa Viti, Vice President of Design – fourth year Media student, specializing in Media Business.

Elysa Viti, Vice President of Design.

What made you want to join?

Executive members shared their own experiences on volunteering and why they chose to join GHAMA.

Kedice Jones, says the main reason that encouraged her to join was to “meet new like-minded people who have the same interest as me.”

“I can work together with them and be a part of creating and bringing our ideas to life,” says Jones. 

Third year Media student, Kaela Johnson states she wanted to get “hands-on marketing and advertising experience to apply this knowledge to classes before my internship in fourth year.” 

VP of Design, Elysa Viti gives credit to her desire to help others for inspiring her to join.

“I’ve always viewed myself as someone who likes to take initiative and inspire others. Being an executive gives me the chance to do just that. I take pride in being able to lead others and represent my community at Guelph-Humber.”

Why should students join?

President of GHAMA, Kedice Jones advises students to join extracurriculars as a way to heighten the university experience.

“To make the best out of their time at university [students] should get out of their comfort zone and meet new people, and even assist in societies’ projects or events.”

Jones continues, “doing this will help them meet new people and put the skills they learn in their classes to use, which can benefit them in their professional careers.

GHAMA executives are also encouraging Media and Business students to join the society as there are three vacant roles to be filled.

Students can either apply for Vice President of Media, Vice President of Activities & Events, and Vice President of Internal Affairs.

Volunteers positions are also available.

What can GH expect from GHAMA in the future?

A few events GHAMA will be hosting during the upcoming school year includes design workshops, mental health awareness events and their long-running annual event for breast cancer awareness month in October.

VP of Communications, Kaela Johnson says that this year they hope to “host events that get students of all programs involved where they can network with each other and learn more about the advertising and marketing fields.”

Students can contact GHAMA through their social media and email.

Facebook: GHAdvertising

Instagram: GHAdvertising

Twitter: GHAdvertising


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