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Angry words exchanged, torn clothing and a shoe thrown, the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B has reached a climax.

The two rappers were seen at New York Fashion Weeks annual Harper’s Bazaar’s bash in an intense altercation. According to TMZ, Cardi attempted to confront Nicki but after a few words were exchanged she lunged toward her.

Security had to hold Cardi B back, stopping her inches within contact. She then pulled off her shoe and threw it at Minaj but missed.

According to sources, Cardi was then escorted out of the event but was photographed with a large bruise over her left eye and a ripped Dolce and Gabbana dress.

Image from Rolling Stone.

As of now, sources have not been able to determine if the bruise was caused by Nicki or her entourage. It’s been reported that each of the women’s entourages were involved in the fight.

Although Cardi B missed her target she wasn’t finished with the feud. She then turned to Instagram to explain why she had confronted Minaj. Minaj wasn’t specifically named in the post she accuses her of various things such as lying about her, threatening artists not to work with her and her parenting abilities.

View the unedited version on Cardi B’s official Instagram.

Nicki Minaj appeared to be extremely calm through the entire altercation.

Featured image by Fader.

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