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Society Spotlight: Dungeons and Dragons

The Society Spotlight series not only focuses on societies but clubs on campus too! This is what you need to know about the Humber Dungeons and Dragons club.



Melissa Lopez | Campus
This is what you need to know about the Humber Dungeons and Dragons club.

What is the Dungeons and Dragons club?

This club aims to connect students by playing the tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons and Dragons and many others.

Vice-President, Robinson Sintnicolaas and Executive Peter Dang are the current leaders of this club and have made it their mission to bring this club “out of the shadows.”

“It’s been four years since the club was formed but it was mostly in the shadows. This year we want to bring it out,” says Sintnicolaas.

Sintnicolaas adds that their origin story is like many others, beginning with friends.

“The origin is a basic one of a group of nerds who wanted to hang out and make friends. But what it is now today is even more than what it was then, because it is a great social hub, for people to improve social skills and have fun.”

Why should students join?

The club states they are welcoming to any student that would like to join, as it might help them with networking.

“Students should join if they want to connect to anyone who wants to play D&D or other TRPGs,” said Sintnicolaas
So what exactly are TRPGs? TRPG stands for Table-Top Role Playing Games. These games have the same foundation of a board game however it contains story-telling giving players a more interactive role to determine how the game might end.
Sintnicolaas says they are always looking for essential game players, such as Dungeon Masters or Game Masters. These roles are significant to the game and play the role of a guide to narrate the moves of players.
“We could always use more DMs and of course players to play in campaigns that have room, but without DMs and campaigns the whole thing falls apart, so we always need DMs!”
The club urges interested students to visit their website and once they are signed up to the club they are then given access to their closed Facebook group.

What can students expect from D&D this year?

The D&D club will be hosting a Halloween themed event. The Monster Brawl game will be held on October 26. Interested students are asked to email club members for more information. Their weekly meetings are open for all students, every Fridays from 4pm – 6pm.

The Dungeons and Dragons club can be contacted through social media and email.

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