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Society Spotlight: Pie society

The Pie Society spoke with the Post about their origin story, club mission and how students can join.



Melissa Lopez | Campus
The Pie Society spoke with the Post about their origin story, club mission and how students can join.

What is the Pie Society?

Winston Tran, the Pie Society club President said this club is dedicated to students who have a passion for pie.
“Members meet monthly to try new varieties of pie, discuss pie culture and push the discourse surrounding pie development,” said Tran.
“We challenge people’s definition and perception by questioning what is a pie.”
Tran also mentioned how they are currently rebranding their club from the Pie Appreciation and Development Society to the Pie Society.

Who are your executive members?

This club currently has three executive members. Winston Tran, President of the United Slices of Pie, a second-year information technology student. Rodrigo Díaz Maingon, Vice-President of Pie Tasting, first-year journalism student. Lastly, Andrew Ansah, The Pie Minister, second-year information technology student.
Tran says that when all three members became friends they got the idea to create this club.
“We wanted to do something that would give back to our community while having a good time and pie was the binding glue. We hope that other students will use this opportunity to meet and become good friends as us,” said Tran.

What can we expect from the Pie Society this year?

The Pie Society has already begun an interactive voting poll on their twitter page, where students can vote on Humber’s Official Pie.
For the Halloween season, the Pie Society will be hosting an event on Oct 31, 12-2 pm at KX207.
“The event is free to attend, there will be about 15 pies. Some of our pies are freshly baked. There will be the best costume contest and the person with the most unique one of the bunch will get a prize,” says Tran.
The club also has plans to host their first ever pie eating competition.

How can students join?

Tran says students that are interested in joining the club should email him directly and check out their twitter page.

“In every meeting, we try to bring different types of pies to eat, such as fruit pies, meat pies, pizza pies, ice cream pies, cake pies,” says Tran.

Members meet once a month on Wednesday in the KX study spaces on campus.

Pie Society Contact Information

Facebook: Humber Pie Society

Twitter: @humberpieclub

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