Melissa Lopez | Spotlight

This society spotlight not only focuses on our North Campus, check out the Movie Madness club at Humber Lakeshore.

What is the Movie Madness club?

This Lakeshore club is for all movie-goers that have a passion for movies. Students in this club meet every so often to watch a variety of different films.

Why should students join?

Amanda Holden, a member of the Movie Madness club says she joined because of her passion for movies.

“I wanted to join this club because I go to the movies almost every day and I am an avid movie lover & want people to be able to watch things that they love,” says Holden.

Holden encourages all students to join the club to network and make new friends.

“I encourage people, especially first years to join to meet people whom they have common interests with and can socialize with,” says Holden.

What can the Humber and Guelph-Humber community expect this year?

Holden says she is interested in hosting themed events for the school year including a Horror Marathon, Christmas and 70s and 80s themed.

Movie Madness contact information


Featured image from moviemadnessclub. 

Written by Melissa Lopez-Martinez

Melissa Lopez-Martinez is a third year media student at the University of Guelph-Humber.

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