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Tony Clement kicked from Conservative Party

Tony Clement is out.



Eli Ridder | Report

Prominent Conservative Party legislator Tony Clement was forced out of the the Official Opposition’s caucus on Wednesday after he shared sexually explicit images and a video with an individual online in a scandal that has brought about an alleged extortion attempt.

Party leader Andrew Scheer said that new evidence has been discovered that suggest the incident was not an isolated one, but rather as part of a pattern that dates to similar behaviour by Mr. Clement in the past.

Just hours earlier, Mr. Scheer said that he believed Clement when the member of parliament insisted it was an isolated incident, saying that Clement would remain within the Conservative Party.

“I took him at his word that this was an isolated incident. Since then, there have been numerous reports of other incidents, allegations, so in that respect I’ve asked Tony to resign from caucus so that he can respond to these allegations,” Scheer said to the press.

“New information became available today to suggest this was not an isolated incident,” he added, saying that that we was aware of an investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police last year and met with Clement Monday.

After Scheer met with Clement and was “brought up to speed about what was going on”, the pair mutually decided that the scandal-hit MP should resign his justice critic position and seats on several top House of Commons committees.

One of the committees that Clement sat on dealt with top secret national security and intelligence files, and are made aware of sensitive information while reviewing the work of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, RCMP, border services and a communications security agency, according to a government description.

Scheer said he will not pass judgement to determine if the high-ranking Conservative has been compromised as a result of the “sexting” scandal, but instead leave it to national security agencies as they “are the experts”.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government have not yet given comment or released a statement at this point. The scandal may present a road bump ahead of Canada’s federal elections in just under a year, when Conservatives hope to take a majority government.

(C)2018 Breaking911 – Eli Ridder / @EliRidder

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