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8 helpful tips for studying for exams

8 ways to successfully study for final exams!



Kaela Johnson | Student Life

As we all know, preparing for exams can be super stressful, but The Avro Post is here to help! Here’s eight helpful tips to help you ace your final exams.

Know when your exam is

This may seem trivial, but ensure that you know when your exam is so you can start figuring out when you want to start studying in advance. 

Final exams begin on Friday, Dec. 7 and end Sunday, Dec. 16. 
Ensure you’ve viewed the exam schedule as times and rooms can change.
Off-site exams will take place at Rizzo Banquet Hall. Shuttle buses will operate and pick students up from in front of Humber’s LRC building.  Click here for more shuttle bus and off-site exam information.

Plan group study sessions

Studying in groups can be very helpful as you get to talk things out, quiz each other and compare notes.

Book a group study room at GH at the Media Cage or at Humber’s LRC.

Plan and organize study days

Organize and plan which days you’ll allocate to study for your exams and which what topics/chapters you want to study each day. 

Take regular breaks

A huge studying misconception is that you have to study for hours straight in order to retain knowledge. This is false as levels of productivity falter after 50 to 90 minutes of continuous work. Avoid studying for more than an hour at a time – take a break by going for a walk, switching locations, and stretching for a few minutes in between sessions.

Create practice questions

Create questions based from textbooks, lectures and assignments about key terms, concepts, formulas, etc. Try to answer the questions without the help of your textbooks and notes to recall what you know and what to improve on.

Know what to study

Know what material will be on the exam as some are post mid-term and some are cumulative (full-year) and the format of the exam: is it multiple choice, essay, short answer/definitions? Make a list of themes, key concepts and terms.

Take care of yourself 

A well-rested and well-fed body is key to maintaining your energy during studying and during the exam. 

  • Try to avoid all-nighters and aim to get at least seven hours of sleep a night.
  • Eat healthy foods like fish, fruits and yogurt.
  • Drink lots of water.

Remain positive

After 12 long weeks of all-nighters, writing until your wrists hurt, screaming and maybe even crying, you’ve made it this far so don’t give up now! 

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